Pipe Technical Documents

Permeation HDPE PipeAWWA Research Foundation & Iowa State2010219.91 KB
Permeation of Organic Contaminants through PVC Pipes 20102.17 MB
Impact of Hydrocarbons on PE-PVC Pipes and Pipe GasketsAWWA Research Foundation2010800.90 KB
Welded Steel Pipe Design ManualAISI and SPFA10/073.95 MB
Tests on Cylindrical ShellsUniversity of Illinois - Authors:
Wilbur M. Wilson & Emery D. Wilson
19451.39 MB
The Story of Buried Steel Pipes and TanksAuthor: Dr. Reynold Watkins2006332.14 KB
Modern Flange DesignTaylor Forge - Bulletin 502, Edition VII 3.02 MB