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Keeping Water out of Your Storage System
FREE PDF Format - Printed Aug 2015

This free document provides a tank owner with information he needs to know concerning the problems associated with water in his fuel tanks


Storage Tank Maintenance Standard (R111)
Original July 2011,  Revised: March 2016, PDF Format
This free document covers items tank owners need to consider when maintaining their tank systems.


Petroleum Storage Tank Maintenance Webinar 02.24.15


SP131 Standard for Inspection & Repair Underground Steel Tanks - PDF Format


This standard covers the inspection, repair, and modification of an atmospheric-type, shop fabricated, carbon and/or stainless steel underground storage tank. It applies to tanks storing stable liquids at atmospheric pressure.


SP001 Standard for The Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks, 6th Edition PDF
New Edition.  Revised: January 2018 - PDF format

 This standard provides inspection and evaluation criteria required to determine the suitability for continues service of aboveground storage tanks until the next scheduled inspection.


SP031 - Standard for Repair of Shop Fabricated Aboveground Tanks, 5th Edition - PDF format
New Edition. Revised: January 2018 - PDF format

This standard covers the repair and modification of an atmospheric-type shop fabricated steel tanks.


SP001-6th Ed.(Inspection) and SP031-5th Ed. (Repair) Standards Bundle - PDF Format
New Edition. Revised: January 2018. PDF Format

 This bundle combines both the SP001 inspection standard and the SP031 repair standard. By purchasing the two standards together, you will be saving $40.00 when compared to the individual prices of the two standards.


Handbook of Storage Tank Systems
Book Format Published June 2000

This book, written by many different experts, covers history, codes, regulations, and designs of underground and aboveground shop fabricated storage tanks and systems


Basic Safety Rules for Fabrication, Field Erection, and Warehousing
Book Format - Revised June 2014

The materials represented in this book have been developed by the members of the STI/SPFA Health and Safety Committee, to generally illustrate industry practice. This book is designed to do two things; 1. Create a safe working environment. 2. Create a culture where safety is expected and practiced.
This Document is not available in PDF format.To receive the correct member discount, members of STI-SPFA should order this book by contacting Linda Frederick at


Tank Builders Scaffold Guidelines (Spanish)
No longer available - Out of Date


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