STI/SPFA Annual Meeting

February 21-23, 2023

Coronado, Calif.

Defensive Driving

Distracted drivers, speeding, and drivers under the influence cause or contribute to the majority of accidents each year.

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Unchecked Egos: The Enemy of Effective Leadership

It has been my experience that egos are prevalent among business leaders, myself included. They are what catapulted us into the corporate arena and made us want to lead successful companies.

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John Vrable Passes Away

John Vrable worked for Consolidated Natural Gas for several years before joining U.S. Steel, where he worked in the area of corrosion research. While at U.S. Steel, and working in conjunction with the Steel Tank Institute, Dow Chemical, and Kennedy Tank, John's research of underground steel tank corrosion led to the development of the sti-P3 tank. Read the full obituary...

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Winter Weather Safety

The winter season brings cold temperatures and often times severe weather conditions that create many hazards for individuals working in these conditions.

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