STI/SPFA Hall of Fame

One of the distinctions of STI/SPFA is its strong volunteer support base, which has been critical to the success of the organization, its service and education offerings and work on behalf of steel plate fabricators that has resulted in recognition of STI/SPFA within the industry.

These awards acknowledge individuals whose contributions to the Steel Tank Institute and Steel Plate Fabricators Association are noteworthy.

Hall of Fame Award

The STI/SPFA Hall of Fame Award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to STI/SPFA.

Year Inductee Company
2021 Wayne Geyer STI/SPFA
2020 Patrick W. Kennedy Kennedy Tank
2018 Charles A. Frey, Jr. Highland Tank and Manufacturing
  Rich Horn Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I)
2016 Tim Woofter Stanwade Metal Products
2015 Brian Donovan STICO Mutual Insurance
2009 Joseph Hammoor  
  Bill Carlson Cathodic Protection Management
  George Tupac G.J. Tupac & Associates Inc.
2007 Jeff Hock Enerfab, Inc.
  George Ruchti American SpiralWeld Pipe
  Ron Ecleberry Modern Welding Co., Inc.
  Jim Rhudy CB&I
2004 William R. Herdman Kennedy Tank
1999 Arnold Myers Clemmer Industries
1996 Sonny Underwood Mid-South Steel
1993 Timothy Travis Eaton Metal
  Alfred F. Krumholz, Jr. Chicago Boiler
1990 Earl Greer Service Welding
  Peter H. Murphy Massachusetts Engineering
1989 Charles W. Sonnenberg Kennedy Tank
  Thomas A. Kemp Hamilton Tanks
  Charles A. Frey, Sr. Highland Tank
1988 Vincent J. Jacob Highland Tank
  Charles W. Harding Clawson Tank
  John A. Reisz Modern Welding
  Robert W. Burwell Ace Tank
  William E. Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy Tank

The Charles W. Sonnenberg Award

The Charles W. Sonnenberg Award recognizes the wise counsel, prudent leadership, thoughtful guidance, and innovative contributions of individuals to the Steel Tank Institute.

Year Winner Company
2010 Wally Watson Watco Tanks, Inc.
2001 Chuck Travelstead Brown-Minneapolis Tank
1994 William R. Herdman Kennedy Tank
1993 R. Allan Reese Ace Tank & Equipment
1992 Jerry Waller Brown-Minneapolis Tank
1992 Jim Jrolf We-Mac Mfg.
1991 James W. Bushman Corrpro
1990 Arnold G. Meyers Clemmer Industries
1989 Anderson Scott Newberry Tank
1988 Roger Richter Brown-Minneapolis Tank
1987 Charles Frey, Sr. Highland Tank
1986 Charles W. Harding Clawson Tank
1985 John A. Ainlay  
1984 Peter H. Murphy Massachusetts Engineering
1983 Charles W. Sonnenberg Kennedy Tank

Honorary SPFA Life Membership

Honorary SPFA Life Membership is awarded to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the Steel Plate Fabricators Association.

Individual Company
J. Brown Chattanooga Boiler and Tank Co.
E.J. Clay Hahn & Clay
V.W. Coddington Lakeside Bridge & Steel Co.
P.T. Dowling Nooter Coporation
W.R. Jackson Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company
F.A. Lasker Lasker Boiler & Engineering Corp.
M.G. Mitchell Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
J.A. Stever, Jr. National Tank & Manufacturing Co.
T.J. Uhl, Jr. Wyatt Industries, Inc.
R.S. Borst Fisher Tank
J.S. Van Alsburg Prairie Tank & Construction Co.

“STI/SPFA membership has allowed us to network with other fabricators to enhance our production capabilities.”

Coby Hayes
J. L. Houston Co.

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