STI/SPFA Annual Meeting

November 5-7, 2021

Nashville, Tenn.

Tank Venting Essentials: PreVENTing Catastrophe

Speaker: Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey

Code experts Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey cover everything you need to know about fire code requirements for normal and emergency tank venting, in just one hour of your time.

Anyone working in the business of manufacturing, designing, installing, or inspecting tanks for flammable or combustible liquid storage needs to have a basic knowledge of the requirements for tank vents. This program will offer a down-to-earth explanation of the technical principles and code requirements for vents and key things to look for during inspection.

The recording is now available for users to download for just $45.00, with access for seven days.

  • Why vent? Functions of normal versus emergency vents
  • A bad day – the consequences of improper venting
  • Key principles – heat transfer and sizing of emergency venting systems
  • Venting requirements for tanks located inside of buildings
  • Compliance? – Tips for inspectors

Cost: $45.00

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