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STI/SPFA Cathodic Protection Training Course
Start Date/Time:
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
End Date/Time:
Thursday, July 21, 2022
STI/SPFA Cathodic Protection Training Course
Denver CO

Learn how to monitor a UST Cathodic Protection (CP) System in STI/SPFA’s CP Class!

This certification program offers a practical approach for those wanting to become CP testers and for those who simply want to understand readings.

Thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) require the periodic monitoring of cathodic protection. Industry experts will show you the latest methods for monitoring and troubleshooting cathodic protection systems. This will enable your firm to help clients meet environmental compliance regulations.

The course is focused on the real-world needs of individuals and companies that plan to conduct field testing of cathodic protection monitoring on systems such as sti-P3® tanks.

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“Access to a multitude of expert professionals with vast industry experience has been proven to be invaluable.”

Chris Borst
Clay & Bailey Mfg. Co.

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