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Charles W. Sonnenberg Award

This award was created to recognize the wise counsel, prudent
leadership, thoughtful guidance and innovative contributions
of individuals to the Steel Tank Institute.
Year       Award Winner                Company                            
2010  Wally Watson Watco Tanks, Inc.
2001 Chuck Travelstead  Brown-Minneapolis Tank
1994 William R. Herdman Kennedy Tank
1993 R. Allan Reese Ace Tank & Equipment
1992 Jerry Waller Brown-Minneapolis Tank 
1992 Jim Jrolf We-Mac Mfg.
1991 James W. Bushman  Corrpro 
1990  Arnold G. Meyers  Clemmer Industries
1989  Anderson Scott Newberry Tank
1988  Roger Richter Brown-Minneapolis Tank
1987 Charles Frey, Sr. Highland Tank
1986 Charles W. Harding Clawson Tank
1985 John A. Ainlay  
1984 Peter H. Murphy Massachusetts Engineering
1983 Charles W. Sonnenberg Kennedy Tank