STI/SPFA Annual Meeting

November 5-7, 2021

Nashville, Tenn.

STI/SPFA Safety Awards

STI/SPFA and its members value the safety and health of their employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

Since 2003, STI/SPFA has annually recognized the safe performance of members’ fabrication and field operations. Safety Awards are presented annually to acknowledge the highest achievements in the safe performance of companies engaged in shop fabrication, inspection, maintenance and field construction activities.

The Safety Diamond Club Award, Safety Award of Excellence and the Safety Award of Achievement represent masterful achievements, as employees routinely work at heights, bend and weld inches thick steel, pressurize vessels to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and maintain everything from refineries to water reservoirs.

Safety Diamond Club Award

The Safety Diamond Club Award will be presented to any Fabricator or Affiliate member employer who has experienced the appropriate amount of work-hours or time worked without a recordable incident.

The following qualifications apply:

  • 100+ Employees - 1,000,000 Work-hours
  • 61-99 Employees - 650,000 Work-hours or 5 years
  • 31-60 Employees - 450,000 Work-hours or 5 years
  • 10-30 Employees - 250,000 Work-hours or 5 years

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Safety Award of Excellence

The Safety Award of Excellence is presented to organizations whose employees have achieved a safety record with zero OSHA Recordable Incidents in the previous calendar year.

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Safety Award of Achievement

Companies whose employees have achieved a minimum of a 10% reduction in the rate of OSHA Total Recordable Incidents, as compared with their average rate for the prior three years are eligible to receive the Safety Award of Achievement.

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