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STI/SPFA Annual Fabricated Steel Product/Project Awards

The Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association presents awards each year to commend outstanding records in quality of product, safety achievements at member facilities, and outstanding projects completed by members.

The Awards recognize steel construction projects and products of member companies that exemplify the steel tank industry. These projects and products serve to bring attention to the positive qualities and flexibility of steel as the production material of choice for many industries, and so we honor winning members with these awards.

Entries can now be submitted for the 2020 Steel Product/Project of the Year Awards - Deadline for Entries is Friday, February 26 at 5 p.m. CST.
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STI/SPFA Safety Awards

STI/SPFA recognizes the safe performance of members’ fabrication and field operations. The STI/SPFA Safety Awards are presented annually to acknowledge the highest achievements in the safe performance of companies engaged in shop fabrication, inspection, maintenance and field construction activities.

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STI/SPFA Quality Awards

Quality Award Recipients are chosen based on complete compliance ratings for our random QC inspections. Fabricators are required to produce a minimum number of fabricated units to qualify as a Quality Award recipient.

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STI/SPFA Individual Honors to Member Representatives

One of the distinctions of STI/SPFA is its strong volunteer support base, which has been critical to the success of the organization, its service and education offerings and work on behalf of steel plate fabricators that has resulted in recognition of STI/SPFA within the industry.

These awards acknowledge individuals whose contributions to the Steel Tank Institute and Steel Plate Fabricators Association are noteworthy:

STI/SPFA’s Century Club

The STI/SPFA honors the owners of steel water storage tanks at least 100 years old and still in active service with recognition in the STI/SPFA Field Erected Storage Tank Century Club and STI/SPFA Steel Water Pipe Century Club. It is important to honor these tanks and pipes not only for their extraordinary service life, but also for the role they play in ensuring the safety and uninterrupted delivery of our water supplies.

View a list of Century Club Honorees or enroll in this honorary program.

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