2009 Steel Pipeline and Pipe Fabrication Project of the Year Award Winners


2009 Pipe Fabrication Project of the Year

A Hydroelectric Facility
This project used 1.2 Million pounds of steel and included a powerhouse, surge tower and switchyard and penstock.  The new powerhouse utilizes 80 percent of the annual river flow and produces enough energy to supply over 10,000 residential customers annually.  By contrast, the facility it replaced used just 20 percent of the river flow annually and the remainder collected in the spillway.

Location: Bull River, British Columbia

Anacortes, WA


2009 Pipeline Project of the Year

Arrowhead Tunnels
This project was comprised of two tunnels 30,000 and 20,000 feet respectively, that doubled the water delivery capacity to Southern California.  The steel cylinders were fabricated and tested in conformance with ASME Pressure Code Vessel.  In addition to the hydro testing and destructive testing requirements of the weld seam in comformance with AWWA C200 Standard, 100 percent of the weld seams were radiographically tested to ensure the water tighness of the steel cylinders.

Highland, San Bernardino, CA

Ameron International Water Transmission Group
Rancho Cucamonga, CA



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Coby Hayes
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