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2010 Safety Award Winners

Safety Award of Excellence Winners
The Safety Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding safety performance and is awarded to companies whose employees have achieved a safety record of 12 consecutive months with Zero OSHA Recordable Incidents.

   Acterra Group, Inc.
   Caldwell - Industrial Division
   Caldwell - Newnan Division
   CB&I Houston Plate Shop
   CB&I San Luis Obispo
   Corrpro - Atlanta Waterworks
   Corrpro - Medina Waterworks
   Corrpro - Phoenix Waterworks
   Fisher Tank Company - Chester Shop
   Fisher Tank Company - Leesville Shop
   Greer Steel
   Kohlhaas Corporation
   Landmark Tank Services
   Lannon Tank Corp.
   Mass Tank
   Modern Welding Company of Kentucky, Inc. - Madisonville
   Modern Custom Fabrication, Inc.
   Pacific Tank & Construction, Inc.
   Paso Robles Tank, Inc.
   Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc. - Sebree, KY
   PSF Industries, Inc.
   Stanwade Metal Products, Inc.
   Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. - Greeley, KS

Safety Award of Achievement Winners
The Safety Award of Achievement is provided to companies whose employees have achieved a minimum of a 10% reduction in the rate of OSHA Total Recordable Incidents, as compared with their average rate for the previous three years.

   A&B Process Systems - Installation Division
   Caldwell - Coatings Operations
   Caldwell - Civil Operations
   Caldwell - Field Operations
   CB&I Asia Pacific - Australia Operations
   CB&I - Central South America Operations
   CB&I - Europe, Africa, Middle East Operations
   Horton CB&I
   Clay & Bailey Mfg. Co.
   Fisher Tank Company - Field Operations
   Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Company, Inc.
   Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing - Field Division
   Landmark Structures I, L.P.
   Modern Welding Company of Florida, Inc.
   Modern Welding Company of Georgia, Inc.
   Modern Welding Company of Kentucky, Inc. - Elizabethtown
   Modern Welding Company of Owensboro, Inc.
   New Industries, Inc.
   Steel Tank and Fabricating Corporation
   Tank Builders, Inc.
   Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. - Garnett, KS