Field Erected Storage Tank
Century Club

“More than 100 Years of Service”


STI/SPFA’s Century Club honors the owners of field erected steel water storage tanks that are at least 100 years old and still in active service.

Water tanks are some of the most identifiable structures across the United States, and we feel it is important to honor these tanks not only for their extraordinary service life, but also for the role they play in ensuring the safety of our water supplies.

If your field erected steel water storage tank has been in active service for at least 100 years, we invite you to enroll in the Field Erected Water Storage Tank Century Club. When your enrollment is accepted, you will be listed on our Century Club website page and we will publish a press release presenting your entry as a Century Club honoree. 

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How to enroll

1. Provide verification of your field erected water storage tank’s age, such as dated engineering documents, minutes from a village board meeting, a dated purchase order, a local newspaper clipping or similar document.
2. Describe your field erected water storage tank’s history, importance to your community and any anecdotes or information you want to share.
3. Provide a digital or original photo of your field erected water tank.
4. Complete the Enrollment Form. You may complete it on-screen and save it to your computer, or print and complete it by hand.