Water Storage Tank Total Cost of Ownership

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Industry experts' views on tank life expectancy

"The life expectancy of a properly cared for steel water storage tank is truly unlimited. In fact, STI/SPFA honors tanks that have been in service for over 100 years through its Century Club. Attempting to quantify the total cost of ownership in present value and evaluate water storage tank options is a major undertaking. We have compiled the available industry information and the expert opinions of industry professionals to assist owners and engineers in this critical task."  


--Vice President-Sales of Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

 "We have compiled coating system life expectancies for the commonly used American Water Works Association D102 tank systems. The NACE documents from Corrosion 2008 and Corrosion 1998, along with industry experience, provide the source. Further, advances in coating system technologies make it probable that the systems will provide an even longer service life."  


--Senior Corrosion Engineer, The Sherwin-Williams Company

"If tank owners and their consultants are truly honest with themselves, using industry average costs and other reasonable factors in their evaluations, the lowest total cost of ownership for a long term water storage tank solution will be a welded steel storage tank in most cases. Despite some marketing propaganda for other materials, there is no such thing as a 'maintenance free' water storage tank--regardless of the construction materials. With periodic inspection and some maintenance, welded steel storage tanks can and have operated for well over 100 years under normal operating conditions. Welded steel should be the material of choice for most water storage solutions."

--Sales Manager, CB&I


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