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Pressure Vessels

STI/SPFA members build steel pressure vessels that meet or exceed the requirements of ASME and all industry standards. These vessels are used by the petrochemical, food, power generation and hazardous materials storage industries.

STI/SPFA Fabricated Steel Product/Project Awards

The Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association presents awards each year to commend outstanding records in quality of product, safety achievements at member facilities, and outstanding projects completed by members.

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2016 Pressure Vessel Bulletin


  • PV Market Forecast to 2021 by Markets and Research

Improvements in the steels used in oil and gas processing equipment over the last half century

Article by John Curry, Pressure Vessel Consultant

The Birth of
Unified Pressure Vessel Code

Article based on History of the ASME Boiler Code by Arthur Maurice Green. From Pressure Vessel Newsletter, March 2016, published by Ramesh Tiwari, Codesign Engineering.

Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication Using Stainless Steels

In October 2012, STI/SPFA offered a complimentary pressure vessel seminar in conjunction with the Stainless Steel World expo in Houston. Our industry expert speakers shared their presentations here.

Pressure Vessel Development

Stainless Steel Applications for Today's Pressure Vessels

John R. Curry, Pressure Vessel and Metrallurgical Consultant

Large Vessel Fabrication

Fabrication Process for Large Diameter Thin Wall Vessels

Rick Shepherd, Ward Tank & Heat Exchanger

Materials and Standards

Stainless steel and duplex materials in tank and vessel fabrication; development of standards for stainless steel water pipes, water and petroleum tanks

John Grocki, ArcelorMittal Industeel

Stainless Steel Head Forming

Steve Hammoor, Brighton Tru-Edge Heads

Part 1-Stainless Steel Head Forming Presentation
Part 2-Stainless Steel Head Forming Presentation

Practical Guidelines for Fabrication of Duplex Stainless Steels

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