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Steel and Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels Storage Information and Links

UL letter on steel tank compatibility with biofuels

STI Alternative Fuels Compatibility Statement

Tank Manufacturer's Statements of Compatibility 

EPA Guidance on UST Systems with Biofuel Blends

EPA Technical Compendium on Biofuels

ASTM Fuel Quality Standards


Ethanol Research CRC

Ethanol FAQ

Ethanol and Biodiesel Fuel Systems

Ethanol Compatibility Statement

Intermediate Ethanol Blends Compatibility Study (Oak Ridge National Labs)

DNV fuel grade ethanol test data with steel

UL Statement on Storage of E85

NACE reference guide, Corrosion Survey Database (COR-SUR), NACE International, 2002

E10 Fuels

US Department of Energy, E85 Fleet Toolkit

E85 Fuel Information

Corrosion Analysis of Methanol/Fuel Blends on Carbon Steel


National Biodiesel Board
Department of Energy, Biodiesel handling and Use Guide, 5th edition, 2017

Southwest Research Institute Study: Compatibility of Steel with Biofuels
Comment: Compatibility Testing of Biodiesel and Steel

Alternative Fuels:  Information by State

Requirements for USTs storing oxygenated fuels

Compatibility of Underground Storage Tanks Storing Gasoline with Ethanol, California Water Boards, 07.24.15

Notice Regarding Biofuel Blends stored in underground storage tanks

Checklist for Documenting UST Compatibility for Illinois

Converting Existing USTs to Ethanol Compatible

Storage Tank Alternative Fuel Compatibility Form
USTs in Minnesota: Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
Myths & facts about biodiesel, Winter 2005 Edition 1

Information on benefits of biodiesel and use of biodiesel in Minnesota

Mandatory form for tank owners before switching to ethanol fuels

Brochure on how to prepare your dispensing fuel system for ethanol fuels
Ethanol use in Wisconsin 

Other technical guidance from Wisconsin