Steel Water Pipe Century Club

100 Years of Service

STI/SPFA’s Steel Water Pipe Century Club honors the owners of steel water pipe and/or systems that are at least 100 years old and still in active service. Providing potable water to the nation is a vital service. Owners of these systems recognize that steel’s durability, longevity and strength make it the ideal material for use in potable water infrastructure.

If your steel water pipe and/or system have been in active service for at least 100 years, we invite you to enroll in the Steel Water Pipe Century Club. When your enrollment is accepted, you will be listed on our Century Club website page and we will publish a press release presenting your entry as a Century Club honoree.

How to Enroll

  1. Provide verification of the steel pipe and/or system’s age, such as dated engineering documents, minutes from a village board meeting, a dated purchase order, a newspaper article, or similar document.
  2. Describe the steel water pipe and/or system’s history, importance to the community, and provide any additional information.
  3. Provide a photo of your steel water pipe and/or system, if available.
  4. Complete and submit the form below.

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