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Steel Water Pipe

STI/SPFA members build steel water pipe that meets or exceeds the requirements of ASCE, AWWA, SWPMTAC, and all industry standards for water transmission. The welded steel pipe built by Members is available in diameters up to 180 inches under either internal or external pressure.

STI/SPFA members are involved in standards development activities and have written several design manuals, developed design software, and are actively involved in research projects testing joint efficiencies and recommending coating procedures on internal welds after backfill is in place.

Follow the STI/SPFA Steel Water Pipe Section on LinkedIn
Follow the STI/SPFA Steel Water Pipe Section on LinkedIn

Pipe Quality Certification Program

The STI/SPFA Pipe Quality Certification is a requirement in most piping specifications in the United States water transmission industry. The program addresses quality assurance and control, lining and coating operations, and equipment and welding procedures specific to steel water piping. The certification process also evaluates a company’s management, organization, engineering and procurement practices.

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Steel Water Pipe: Installing Flanges
The knowledge you need to install leak-free bolted flanges including key components, the importance of preparation and planning, factors that affect the accuracy of torque and load, safety, quality, the M-11 standard, C604, and more.

Steel Water Pipe Installation and Inspection
Presented by respected industry experts, this program covers buried steel pipe deflection design, how installation relates to design, selection of backfill material and compaction, trenching and bedding placement, common problems with installation, and much more.

Steel Water Pipe Fittings and Design
This program covers a number of design aspects including outlet reinforcing design, crotch plate reinforcing design, short radius elbow design, reducer design, mechanical coupling harness restraint design, and miscellaneous special fitting design.

Steel Water Pipe Overview
The Steel Water Pipe Overview module touches on various important points when considering steel pipe for a project. Engineering properties and internal pressure design of steel pipe are reviewed. Pipe/soil interaction and the design guidelines for handling pipe is also addressed.

Steel Water Pipe Linings and Coatings
This module reviews common standards of steel water pipe coatings and linings including steel water pipe surface preparation, the coating and lining application, types of coatings and linings, and maintenance of pipe linings.

STI/SPFA Fabricated Steel Product/Project Awards

The Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association presents awards each year to commend outstanding records in quality of product, safety achievements at member facilities, and outstanding projects completed by members.

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Steel Water Pipe Presentation

The STI/SPFA Steel Water Pipe Section members created a presentation to educate you and your customers on the use and benefits of steel pipe.

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Steel Water Pipe Century Club

STI/SPFA honors utility management companies or agencies whose steel water pipe or pipeline has been in continuous service in the water delivery infrastructure for more than 100 years. This honor demonstrates the strength and durability of steel for use in the water infrastructure. With rising concern about the aging of infrastructure components across the nation, STI/SPFA’s Steel Water Pipe Century Club recognizes utilities that have properly maintained their steel pipe components, resulting in 100 years or more of uninterrupted delivery of clean drinking water critical for sustaining community growth, commercial growth, industrial growth and, most importantly, for sustaining life.

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“STI technologies have better industry recognition than any of our individual brands.”

Greg Scalet
Steel Tank & Fabricating Corp.

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