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SP031 - Standard for Repair of Shop Fabricated Aboveground Tanks, 5th Edition - PDF format
New Edition. Revised: January 2018 - PDF format

This standard covers the repair and modification of an atmospheric-type shop fabricated steel tanks.


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This standard covers the repair and modification of an atmospheric-type shop-fabricated carbon and stainless steel tanks. It applies to tanks storing stable, flammable and combustible liquids at atmospheric pressure with a specific gravity not greater than 1.0.  This standard covers repair and/or modification of a tank built to a nationally recognized standard for aboveground storage tanks. It may be used for the repair and modification of other tanks at the discretion of the tank owner noting owner’s responsibilities below. The current edition of the construction standard, to which the tank was built, will be consulted for minimum construction requirements not otherwise covered in this standard. The scope is limited to the top and bottom of the tank, the tank supports, inner and outer shells, nozzles to the face of the first flange, the first threaded joint, or the first welded end connections. Other accessories, such as stairs or items that are attached to the tank, are not included. This standard does not cover repairs to riveted or bolted tanks. It also does not cover the repair or modification of an underground tank to be used aboveground. This standard does not cover insulation repair.
SP031 Table of Contents Contains; Definitions, Safety Considerations, Personnel Qualifications, Materials and Welding, Modifications, Repairs, Testing and Inspection.

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