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SP131 Standard for Inspection & Repair Underground Steel Tanks - PDF Format







This standard covers the inspection, repair, and modification of an atmospheric-type, shop fabricated, carbon and/or stainless steel underground storage tank. It applies to tanks storing stable liquids at atmospheric pressure.


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This standard covers tanks built to a nationally recognized standard for underground storage tanks. It may be used for the repair of other tanks at the discretion of the tank owner, noting owner’s responsibilities in paragraph 1.4. The edition of the construction standard to which the tank was built must be consulted for minimum construction requirements not otherwise covered in this standard.


The scope is limited to the tank and the tank’s openings. This standard applies to tanks that are installed and also to tanks that have been temporarily removed to achieve a repair. Consult with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine requirements for reinstalling the tank. This standard does not address repairs or modifications to cathodic protection systems associated with USTs. See STI R972 for testing and repair of sti-P3 cathodic protection systems and NACE SP0285 for impressed current systems.


The owner is responsible for complying with the provisions of this standard, in addition to compliance with fire codes, local ordinances, and other applicable rules and regulations.The owner may want to retain assistance from specialists to aid in regulatory compliance, safe operations, and installations in accordance with recognized industry standards. The owner shall verify that persons working on tanks understand and address the hazards associated with the contents of and procedures associated with those tanks. The repair of a tank may affect the Listing status of the tank. This Standard does not address the Listing status of a tank. Contact the original Listing organization for more information. The repair of a tank may affect the warranty status of the tank and associated equipment.


Contact the original manufacturer for more information. This Standard is intended for use by organizations and/or individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in underground tank repair, modification, and inspection. All repairs and modifications shall be in accordance with good engineering practice.
SP131 Table of Contents Contains: Definitions, Safety Considerations, Personnel Qualifications, Material Requirements, Welding Requirements, Coatings and Linings, Inspection, Tank Repair, Modifications, Repairs By Welding, Double Wall and Jacketed Tanks, Testing of Modifications and Repairs.

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