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Articles, Books, and Technical Studies

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Keeping Water out of Your Storage System

This free document provides a tank owner with information concerning the problems associated with water in fuel tanks.


Handbook of Storage Tank Systems
Book Format Published June 2000

This book, written by many different experts, covers history, codes, regulations, and designs of underground and aboveground shop fabricated storage tanks and systems


Report on Pool Fire Test - UL 80 Tank
PDF Format - Jan 25, 2000

Report on a fire tested witnessed by Underwriters Lab on a UL 80 Tank to meet NFPA 31 requirements


Canadian AST Fire Codes


Corrosion Analysis of Methanol / Fuel Blends on Carbon Steel (Executive Summary)


Corrosion Analysis of Methanol / Fuel Blends on Carbon Steel (Full Study/Executive Summary)


Effect of Chemical Elements in Steel


Establishing the Effect of Long Term Exposure of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Material to Alcohol-gasoline Mixture (Broutman, 1986)


Ethanol Fuel Blends Require Good Housekeeping


Evaluation of Buckling of Buried Steel / Fiberglass Composite Storage Tanks (Battelle, 1991)


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