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Flameshield Technology

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Keeping Water out of Your Storage System
FREE PDF Format - Printed Aug 2015

This free document provides a tank owner with information he needs to know concerning the problems associated with water in his fuel tanks


Storage Tank Maintenance Standard (R111)
Original July 2011,  Revised: March 2016, PDF Format
This free document covers items tank owners need to consider when maintaining their tank systems.


Flameshield® Standard for Fire Tested Tanks (F001)
Revised: April 2017 PDF Format

Manufacturing specification to build the Flameshield fire tested aboveground steel storage tank


Standard for Aboveground Tanks (F081)
Revised: February 2017   PDF Format

The standard addresses the fabrication of aboveground single-wall steel tanks.


Standard for Tanks Storing DEF (F091)
Revised: Dec-2011 PDF Format

This standard addresses the fabrication of steel tanks, both aboveground and underground, used for the storage of DEF.


RP for Corrosion Protection of Underground Piping Networks Associated with Liquid Storage and Dispensing Systems (R892)
Revised: Jan-2006 PDF Format

The Recommended Practice for Corrosion Protection of Underground Piping Networks Associated with Liquid Storage Systems was developed by the Steel Tank Institute to assist owners and installers of underground and aboveground tanks in the design, installation and monitoring of corrosion control systems for underground metallic piping


RP for External Corrosion Protection of Shop Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tank Floors (R893)
Revised: Jan-2006 PDF Format

This specification covers an external corrosion control system for aboveground shop fabricated steel tank floors.  The system is a practical and economical means of extending the life of aboveground storage tanks for a minimum of thirty years on corrosive soil conditions, to an indefinite term in less severe environments.  The design includes a safety factor that will allow for somewhat more than ordinary damage to the coating from shipping and handling and other accidental holidays.


Flameshield Brochure
PDF Document Revised Sept 2006

2 page color brochure describing the features, benefits, and a brief guideline spec of the Fireguard technology


Flameshield® Installation Instructions (R912)
Revised: November 2015 PDF Format

Installation instructions pointing out important considerations and items when installing a Flameshield tank


Installation Instructions for Shop Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tanks for Flammable, Combustible Liquids (R912)
Revised: November 2015  PDF Format


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