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Standards and Recommended Practices

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Specification for Tanks Using Low Levels of Pressure in the Tanks Interstice ( (R951)
Revised: Jan-2006 PDF Format

This specification covers the requirements for manufacturing a steel tank using low pressure in the interstice for monitoring.


Recommended Practice for the Addition of Supplemental Anodes to sti-P3® USTs (R972)
Revised: Dec-2010 PDF Format

On occasion, tank owners of sti-P3® tanks find that the cathodic protection readings  are more positive than the NACE recommended -850 milli-volt criteria. In this case, the cathodic protection system must be supplemented so that the tank continues to be protected from corrosion. 1.2  The addition of supplemental anodes can bring the tank potential more negative than the recommended -850 milli-volt criteria. It does not, however, change the period of the manufacturer warranty on the tank.


Test Procedure to Qualify a Coating for Acceptance by sti-P3® Specifications (T871-94)
PDF Format

The test procedure outlined herein shall be employed when a coating manufacturer seeks approval of a certain coating system for inclusion in the sti-P3 Specifications.  Because of the essential importance of the coating to the sti-P3 corrosion control system, only this series of laboratory tests, properly conducted and satisfactorily concluded, will be considered.


Installation Instructions for Shop Fabricated Aboveground Storage Tanks for Flammable, Combustible Liquids (R912)
Revised: July 2022  PDF Format


Instrucciones de Instalacion Para Tanques de Almacenamiento Superficiales Para Almacenamiento de Liquidos Flamables Y Combustibles de Uso Estacionario Fabricados en Taller (R912)
Revised: Aug-2008


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