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Tank Builders Scaffold Guidelines (Spanish)
No longer available - Out of Date


Steel Plate Engineering Data: Volume 1 & Volume 2 - 2011
Revised: Nov 2011.  PDF version
The purpose of this publication is to provide a design reference for the usual designs of tanks for liquid storage. Volume 1, deals with the design of flat-bottom, cylindrical tanks for storage of liquids at essentially atmospheric pressure. Volume 2  provides information to aid the design of such structures


E-Learning - Tank Integrity Management Course
The Tank Integrity Management (TIM) Certificate program tests your knowledge of various aspects of shop fabricated storage tank management. A certificate is issued to the successful registrant who demonstrates their understanding of how shop fabricated steel storage tanks are built, installed, operated, and maintained.


E-learning - Tank Venting Essentials: PreVENTing Catastrophe 9-7-11
Code experts Jeff Shapiro and Scott Stookey present this informative webinar - everything you need to know about fire code requirements and emergency tank venting. Original broadcast September 2011.


Regulation of Tanks Inside a Building: A guide for Code Users and Enforcers Webinar 11-5-12
Whether your a code user or a code enforcer, don't miss this informative webinar. learn what you need to know about regulations affecting tanks inside buildings, a growing installation option. Original broadcast 11-5-2012


E-Learning - Petroleum Storage Tank Maintenance 12-18-13
Why fuel quality standards are important. How to inspect your tanks. Removing water from your fuel storage systems. STI's Recommend Practice for Storage Tank Maintenance


SP001 Aboveground Tank System inspector Recertification Exam

An on-line exam for AST inspectors to renew their certification. *You must submit the application form and obtain login/password before purchasing this at the store. For details, click here.


SP001 Adjunct Certification for API 653 Inspectors or Renewal of Expiring Certification
An online exam for API 653 inspectors to obtain an STISP001 Adjunct Certification.*You must submit the application form and obtain login/password before purchasing this at the store. For details, click here.


E-Learning - Steel Water Pipe Overview Video
Important points to consider on steel pipe for a project


E-Learning - Steel Water Pipe Linings and Coatings Video
A review of design considerations, standards, and specifications for steel water pipe coatings


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