Rainwater Harvesting Standard open for public comment

Posted by nzak on 10/7/2015 9:29:47 AM

Rainwater Harvesting Standard open for public comment

The ICC/CSA Rainwater Collection System Design & Installation Consensus Committee has released the first draft of its standard for public review. Public comments will be accepted through November 24th at http://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/1773.


Dana Schmidt, Standards Engineer at STI-SPFA, wrote the paragraph referencing rainwater storage tanks: General Design

Storage systems shall be constructed in accordance with Section through

Tanks shall conform to the applicable requirements of one the standards listed in Table 7.3, or the applicable requirements in Annex C Prescriptive Tank Requirements. Tanks used for fire suppression shall comply with the applicable fire code.  Tanks shall comply with applicable code requirements, including but not limited to fire, wind, seismic and lightning protection.


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