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STI/SPFA 2016 Steel Fabricated Product Award Recipients

Posted by nzak on 2/17/2017 2:26:08 PM
At its recent annual meeting in Naples, Florida, STI/SPFA recognized member companies in 14 product categories with its Steel Fabricated Product of the Year awards for 2016. Photos and descriptions of the 2016 award-winning entries are posted on STI/SPFA's website.
There were 49 entries from STI/SPFA member companies for the 2016 Product Awards, utilizing a total 38,325 tons of steel. To determine the winners, all association members assessed each entry by anonymous ballot, based on four criteria:
  • Promotional value: Promotes the value of steel fabrication
  • Uniqueness of product/project: Shows originality and versatility
  • Design and engineering: Excels in technical aspects
  • Aesthetics: Has visual appeal

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