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STI-SPFA publishes new brochure on AST system maintenance

Posted by nzak on 8/17/2017 10:44:51 AM

STI-SPFA offers a new educational brochure for owners and operators of aboveground storage tank (AST) systems

"Particularly with today's newer fuels, poor operations and maintenance procedures for monitoring and removing water from storage tank systems can lead to a number of risks," said Wayne Geyer, executive vice president of STI-SPFA, "from phase separation to fuel quality degradation and damage to the entire storage system."


STI-SPFA's brochure encourages owners and operators to monitor and remove water from their fuel storage tanks in order to maintain quality product and reduce their business risk. The brochure has easy-to-understand text, a clear illustration of where water collects in aboveground tanks, and a list of further resources.


The AST maintenance brochure follows a similar UST maintenance brochure. The publicly-available brochures may be downloaded and physically duplicated, distributed by emailing the link, or linked on websites.


Download AST and UST maintenance brochures at on the Fuel Storage Tank System Maintenance tab.

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