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STI/SPFA offers its cutting-edge management tool, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), to the water storage tank industry. 
The TCO tool meets industry demand to quantify the Net Present Value of storage tank ownership. TCO was developed to assist water system managers to analyze the total cost of ownership for three common types of flat-bottom, ground supported water storage tanks (with roofs) constructed in accordance with AWWA standards: Welded Steel Tanks: AWWA D100; Bolted Steel Tanks: AWWA D103; Concrete Tanks: AWWA D110 or D115.

The TCO online tool is free to all users (registration required). Users can both input and store data related to a specific tank or tank project, and study the default data presented in the program. Data is retained for twelve months, and is visible only to the user. There is no limit to the number of tank projects users can store. 


 You must have Microsoft's Silverlight Plugin software on your computer to access the TCO tool. If the Sliverlight Plugin is not found on your computer, the program will direct you to the website where you can safely download it. If you have questions or problems viewing and operating the TCO Program, contact Kevin Kroll at STI/SPFA, 847/438-8265 ext. 222 or


Authors and developers 

The Total Cost of Ownership cost analysis tool is a program of the Field Erected Water Tank Section of STI/SPFA. 
We gratefully acknowledge these Members who participated in its development: 

  • Leslie Scott, Associated Construction and Engineering Inc.
  • Kevin Gallagher, Caldwell Tanks
  • Rich Horn, Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.
  • Jeff Rog, Corrpro Companies Inc.
  • Tex Enoch, Induron Coatings Inc.
  • The Sherwin Williams Co.



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